Philips – LED lamp finder

The new Philips LED Lamp Finder App, a Smartphone application designed to give you guidance on how to find the perfect lamp to light up your favorite spaces in your home. The mobile app gives simple advice on a selection of LED lighting choices and helps you choose a lamp that suits you and your family’s life.


How it works

The app offers advice on ‘light output’ and desired brightness.  You can do this by browsing and select directly from the catalogue. Alternatively you can start with a selection of ‘base’ lamp ideas to begin a simple three-step replacement: first select the base cap, then select the light output, and then simply select the bulb from the list of choices provided.  The tool also converts Watt to Lumen (the unit that measures the amount of light produced) with recommendations to achieve ‘optimal lighting’ for each area in your home, in order to ensure the desired performance. The app not only suggests specific lamps from the range of Philips LED products but also provides key features and benefits to consider when creating your very own LED lamp ‘Shopping List’. Once you’ve created a shopping list, you can easily recall it on your next shopping trip or when you’re browsing online.


  • DDB & Tribal Amsterdam


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  • Mobile (IOS + Android)


  • 2011 FWA Mobile of the Day