It all started in 1995, when I successfully graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts and getting my Master of Arts Degree in Interactive Multimedia at the Royal College of Arts London.


With over 25 years of diverse digital experience spanning agencies and media-related companies, I bring a pragmatic, hands-on approach and an insatiable curiosity for understanding how things function. My background in digital media design, video editing, and programming equips me with versatility and a nuanced comprehension of the intricacies inherent in project phases.

The digital landscape, where reality converges with the virtual realm, is a constant source of excitement and inspiration for me. Through years of dedicated learning and practice, I’ve evolved into a seasoned all-round digital project manager/producer with business acumen.

Throughout more than two decades in senior roles across various agencies and production houses, I’ve honed my skills and demonstrated leadership by spearheading international teams. Additionally, I’ve successfully established satellite offices in other countries and built business opportunities in the Middle East.

My ability to effectively communicate with clients, agencies, and prominent brands allows me to adeptly navigate the digital landscape, guiding them through the conceptualization and realization process. As a digital project manager/producer and business manager, I facilitate seamless integration between brand or agency directives and production objectives, collaborating closely with all stakeholders across all stages. Moreover, I prioritize client involvement in scoping, concept development, and production processes.

Outside of work, I pursue diverse interests. Whether exploring new destinations around the globe, carving through snowy mountain slopes on skis, or striving to capture the perfect shot, I relish opportunities for personal growth and creative expression.

Bas Muller