It all started in 1995, after finishing the Utrecht School of Arts and getting my Master of Arts Degree in Interactive Multimedia at the Royal College of Arts London.

With more than 20 years of (digital) experience at agencies and other media related companies, I am still eager to learn and love exploring the boundaries of the digital landscape. I’m pragmatic and always want to know how things work and with my background in Digital Media design, video editing and programming I’m versatile and understand the complexities among the different phases in a project.

With this knowledge I’m is able to communicate with agencies as well as with brands and guide them through the digital field of concepting and realisation. As an Executive producer I help my team members to integrate brand and/or agency work with production, working together with creative and developer teams during all phases, and involving clients in scoping, concept and production process

The world is getting more and more digital and complex.  It’s an exciting and inspiring place to be in. Having spent more than a decade in senior roles at different companies and agencies, I’ve polished my skills and have been leading teams up to 25-30 people per project and successfully setting up satellite offices in other countries.

Besides working almost 24/7, I do have some time for hobbies as well. If I’m is not traveling and exploring the world, skiing in the French Alps or sleeping, I might be trying to shoot the ultimate picture. For pictures made by me, please visit