INTEL – History Comes Alive

January 2016

Many young people today are no longer interested in history. Thousands of years of unique Chinese culture seem to be less interesting than the latest mobile phone or celebrity.

The idea is to use the thousand year old Xi’an city wall as a location to create a PR stunt to demo how Intel technology turns the dated history into into an amazing and modern time travel experience.

With the 3D facial scanning function, spectators will become characters in the 3D projection movie to relive a short historical event on the city wall. They will receive their own short video and image for SNS sharing.


  • MediaMonks


  • JwT Beijing


  • Projection
  • Desktop


  • 2016 Spikes Asia - Silver
  • 2016 1x Great Wall Excellence Award China
  • - Content Marketing/Other
  • 2016 1x Bronze Great Wall Award
  • - Interactive/Electronic Production
  • 2016 3x Gold Great Wall Award
  • - Technical Innovation
  • - Outdoor/Media Innovation
  • - Excellent Choice
  • 2016 2x Silver A4 Award China
  • - The Best 3D Visual Effects
  • - Office line Interaction
  • 2016 Silver Ciclope Award - Live Experience
  • 2016 FWA (29 dec)