Go Bear – UI

April 2015

Building a mobile-first brand from scratch meant that we could create a user experience from the ground up that revolved around the habits and nuances of user profiles that we had tried and tested across Singapore, China and Thailand.

And whilst responsive was an expected hygiene factor, building a responsive, mobile-first platform around the complex needs of Asia’s insurance consumers was definitely a first.

Coming from the clutter of a ‘push’ industry where insurance policies and insurance sales are typically hard-sell, the design needed to be awkwardly clean and inviting for an insurance platform in Asia. The bright colours and design intricacies made no compromise with latency, ensuring everything loaded intuitively fast, reading the hand-holding the consumer at every turn of the site to prevent drop out.

The end result is an easy, intuitive user-interface design and a seamless user-experience that is set to send ripples through the insurance category in Asia.

MediaMonks helped TSLA to set the initial designs and iconography based on the UX.


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