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September 2023
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Lead Digital Producer

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is an international financial center located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 2015, ADGM operates as a free zone and regulatory authority for financial services firms operating within its jurisdiction. It aims to provide a robust legal and regulatory framework, alongside attractive business incentives, to promote the growth of financial services, including banking, asset management, insurance, and capital markets activities. ADGM is recognized for its adherence to international standards and its efforts to position Abu Dhabi as a leading global financial hub.


The assignment:

As a digital partner for ADGM, we were tasked with enhancing the existing website to create a streamlined, consistent, and more intuitive digital experience for new and existing customers.  

ADGM acknowledges the necessity of a website overhaul, but due to inflight projects and other overarching business objectives, the scope was underpinned by “enhancement” rather than “redesign”. Over the 10 weeks, 23 website templates and a components library were designed and developed for desktop, tablet, and mobile. This approach gave the ADGM team the flexibility and guide rails to revamp their website on a need-by-need basis.


The outcome:

The modular templates and components library set the UX/UI direction for ADGM and enabled a streamlined process for making website enhancements. They simply copy, paste, add content, and publish. Key project outcomes included:

  • Gathered business requirements and understood customer friction points. 
  • Conducted a UX review of in-scope customer journeys and identified realistic website enhancements.
  • Revamped the sitemap (MVP) by applying a strategic mindset, balancing business requirements (short and long-term) and customer needs.
  • Designed 23 final UX/UI desktop, tablet, and mobile templates with a corresponding components library (Figma). 
  • Developed 32 responsive HTML templates and components across all three break points (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

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